Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flea Market Fancy string quilt finished

I actually finished this quilt over a week ago, but I had to wait until I got my clothesline back up to take pictures :)   You see, my clothesline was no-more after the 'tail hold' tree was removed due to it's lean over the garage.

So, I went and picked up a pressure treated 4x6 and some lag screws, and hubby cut a flat spot in the stump to bolt the timber to.  I am SO happy to have my clothesline back up!

I should have taken the ladder down before I took the picture, but you get the idea.  The clothesline goes from my second story back deck, so it has lots of lift on that end.  It does need to have a support between the clothesline, but it doesn't sag enough for the quilts to touch the ground, so that's all that matters :)

I love the texture of the swirl quilting.  This quilt has not been washed yet (I will let the new owners have the priveledge), and I have yet to add a label.  I am waiting until closer to a wedding that I think this will be the wedding gift for :)  Although I kinda want to keep it, I love it so much!  Can't keep them all though :)  Gotta give/sell some of them so I can continue to make MORE :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gypsy Wife filler blocks

A few of the filler blocks for the Gypsy wife quilt done :)


Gypsy Wife from the heart and colour wheel

Two more Gypsy Wife quilt blocks done yesterday!  I should probably work on some of the filler pinwheel blocks now :)

Colour Wheel - I really like this one!

From The Heart - I am not fond of heart blocks, but this one I can live with :)  The pieces are tiny - this is a 6.5'' block (unfinished)!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gypsy Wife pershing block

I made my Pershing block last night:

It's not perfect, but it looks decent.  I am a little bummed that it's not the full 9.5'' though - I have a feeling that the fabrics shrunk as I tend to steam the heck out of blocks with lots of pieces.

So, today, I am on a mission to get all my fabrics steam pressed/starched so hopefully this won't happen again ::crossing fingers::  I really don't want to wash these small cuts of fabrics since they tend to ravel in the wash and I don't want to loose any fabric in the process.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm a Gypsy Wife

I have decided to join the Gypsy Wife quilt along on Flickr - I am a little behind, but this is a whole-year project, so I am pretty sure I can catch up :)

I found my copy of the booklet on Etsy :)

And I got my fabrics from JoAnn's when they were 30% off plus a 20% off total purchase coupon, yaa for coupons!   Here are most of the fabrics I am using:

Mostly the latest DSQuilts prints with a couple grays thrown in - I will probably add a few basic solids here and there too.  I have a quarter yard cut of each of these 25 prints, so I will probably have plenty of fabric - I do intend to make the quilt bigger than it calls for though.  I will just add more rows to the sides and make the strips at the bottom longer than called for.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

wrangling the binding

I have always just let the binding puddle on the floor beside me as I stitched it on..... until today!  I figured out a new trick and it worked exceptionally well!

No muss, no fuss, and better yet - NO tangled binding!

I do have a finished quilt too - but one end (a birch tree in my back yard) of my pulley clothesline that I use to take picture of quilts is now firewood :*(  I need to figure out how to get my clothesline back up ASAP!


Friday, April 11, 2014

dog park disaster

I have been trying really hard to socialize our little Lucy so that she continues to love everybody and everything.  She is really the most social animal I have ever owned, and she LOVES going to the dog park.  Not only to play with the other dogs, but to meet the owners too.

Well, yesterday turned out to be a nightmare day at the dog park.  I won't go into detail, but she was attacked by a dog that the owner KNEW had been previously aggressive to other dogs.  After the attack, he said ''he's done this before''.

If you KNOW your dog is agressive to other dogs, it does NOT BELONG at a dog park.  Period!

Now my dear sweet puppy has to pay the conciquences of that dog owners ignorance!

Sleeping off the sedatives after surgery:

This morning:
 Stitches in both lids and a drain in her cheek.  Makes me sick to my stomach to see her like this :*(

We will have lots of indoor time the next couple weeks.  So, maybe I'll get some quilting done between pampering my little sweetie.