Monday, February 22, 2010

one block wonder quilt

I have decided to start a blog to share the quilts I create. This material above is for a one-block-wonder quilt that I just started.
To make a one-block-wonder quilt, you need a large print fabric with a large repeat. This fabric has about a 3/4 yard repeat and I needed a little over 4 yards to get my 6 stacks. You cut the fabric into 6 identical sections and stack them together very carefully aligning the print so that when you cut your triangles, they are all 6 exactly the same.

Above is a pic of six 60 degree (equilateral) triangles ready to be sewn into a block. I chose to cut 3.5'' strips to produce 6'' blocks when assembled.
Here is those 6 triangles sewn into two half hexagons. I am choosing to sew mine in half hexagon's so that I can sew the whole quilt together in strips instead of sewing hexagons together and dealing with y-seams.
Another block, same fabric but entirely different look!
And yet another entirely different look! I have 60 blocks done so far (120 half hexagons). I figure I should make at least 100 blocks, maybe 120 - then frame it in a coordinating purple fabric, then the original fabric. I will post more pics as I get into the process of deciding the layout!



  1. I am starting this exact same quilt class in a week and am saving the link to your blog so I can follow along with what YOU are doing, too. I haven't even picked fabric yet, so you are that much further ahead of me!

  2. I can't reply to your email comment Judi, but this quilt top was finished almost a year ago