Friday, April 16, 2010

My favorite quilt

Here is a picture of my favorite quilt.  I think it's the 3rd quilt I ever made.  The first one was one for one of my twin brother's when I was a teenager (my mom and I worked on two quilts together in log cabin block in blue's if I'm remembering correct).  The second was a log cabin mauve/pink and blue/navy quilt that I will share another day.  My younger son uses it on his bed under his comforter.  This was the 3rd, and I made paper patterns for each block.  I did 15 different blocks and made 2 versions of each block (one in purple, one in the fuscia).  It is approx 85x90 I think (just a guess) and I used warm and natural batting and quilted it on my sewing machine with clear thread.  I really dislike clear thread now, so would not use it again!  Although I quilted 2 more quilts with that around the time I made this, I wouldn't do it nowadays.  This quilt is showing it's age (I made it in late 1991 when my oldest son was a baby).  It's still my favorite though, and is always on my bed (under a comforter to protect it from our two very spoiled dogs!)  I think my favorite blocks on this are the 'card trick' and the 'pinwheel' :)  I also have another one to share another day.  It's technically a UFO though from around 1992.  It's another one I made paper patterns for too (a scrappy double wedding ring)  Will share another day though.  It's still in the UFO pile even though all that needs done is about half of the quilting.....

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  1. very nice quilt. I like the colors and the varity of patterns. I thought it was interesting that you don't like clear thread any more. Isn't it funny how we do change our preference and finally find what works for us! I know that I have decided I will do a quilt or blocks the way that I am comfortable with. In the 60's and 70's they use to say you needed to quilt 12 stitches per inch and had to it their way if it was to be right. Then the art quilts came into popularity, and the folk art quilts, and I knew I'd found kindred spirits. :)