Friday, April 23, 2010

t-shirt quilt for my niece

I started a t-shirt quilt for my niece..... I planned the layout over the last couple days and cut the shirts out and stabilized them today.  I got the first row sewn together and now it's time for a break.  I think it's going to go together better than I thought, but it is a lot of work!  Here is a sneak peek at part of the first row.  My niece is a competitive figure skater and these are shirts (and patches) that she's collected over the last 9 years skating.  The patch will be sewn on AFTER I am done with quilting (it's just sitting there for the pic right now).

I think the 'next' t-shirt quilt I do, I will plan for more shirt material around the designs in the blocks.  Some of them the seams are right up to the edge of the design.  Just an extra half an inch all the way around would be good :)

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