Friday, June 25, 2010

pampered pooch pinwheel pirouette project

At one point, I had a pile of pampered pooch pinwheels, then they turned into this pampered pooch pinwheel pirouette project, LOL.  I saw a similar pattern in a Fons and Porter quilting magazine, but I decided to make it my own way with a jelly roll and coordinating fabric and I used my 60degree triangle ruler.  I am debating about putting up a tutorial - anybody interested in a tutorial for it?  I didn't take pics of the binding process, THAT was a chore with all those corners.  I will not be doing edges like that again anytime soon!  I actually had enough strips left from the jelly roll I could have made it one width wider, and now I wish I would have.  Oh well, it's DONE DONE DONE!  (And that's Tucker in the upper left corner, he likes it too!)

1 comment:

  1. I would definately be interested in a tutorial! I'm so addicted to jelly rolls. That is such a pretty quilt. Your one talanted gal! Lorraine