Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twister quilt top near finish

I worked on a 'twister' quilt top this weekend.  I got the top all done but the border(s).  Still deciding what to do - should I add a tiny narrow red border, then black and white borders and do a red binding?  Or should I keep it all black/white?  Decisions decisions!  If you haven't found the ''twister'' cutting ruler yet, it is a FUN quilt to make I must say!  Here is a post on ModaLissa's blog that explains the ruler and how to get one (or two!).  I only ordered the one for the 5'' charms, but I think I might go ahead and get the one for the layer cakes too :)  The charm one makes little 3'' blocks.  This baby-sized quilt took 3 charm packs (I used Moda's ''Half Moon'' charms).  When it was originally sewn together in blocks, it looked lap-sized, or small twin sized.  It really gets quite a bit smaller cutting it up and resewing.  You do get a bunch of bonus 2'' squares though, which I think I will use either as a border or on the backing.  I think the next time I make one, I will alternate the print blocks with solids to make alternating solid and print twister pinwheels.  I think it will look better with more definition between the pinwheels don't you think?  I have 3 charm packs of ''Fresh Cottons'' from Fig Tree Quilts that I think I will try this with - and use some ''parchment'' yardage (a nice very pale yellow-tone off-white color) to do the alternating blocks with.


  1. I love how your Twister turned out. I would stick with just black and white for borders if this beauty was mine!!

  2. I think a little red border would set it off .Either way love it .