Friday, September 24, 2010

Grandma's treasures

My mom and I were going though the boxes from my grandmother's sewing room and these are some things I came home with:

Hubby has the ''good'' camera with him at work, so this was taken with our ollllld digi cam, but you can see how lovely this fabric is!  AND, it's FIFTEEN YARDS long!!!!  It's only 35'' wide, I'm thinking she might have been thinking draperies when she got it, not sure.  She didn't quilt a lot, she mostly knitted and crochet'd.  She did do a bit of sewing though (mostly clothing) and a little quilting......

Here are two blocks that I think she intended to make into a pillow.  They are totally ME!  It is a quilt pattern I would choose, and black & white is SO classic and timeless! Plus, they are totally handquilted (and probably machine pieced) and ready to finish. Her hand quilting is awesome too - a million times better than I can do.  I probably wouldn't have chose the clover in the center of the block in the quilting, but after all it IS the triple Irish chain quilt pattern for these two blocks!  The top pic even has little prairie points pinned to it.  I think her plan was to make one pillow, but I think I'll make two pillows and use a black backing with a zipper for the pillowforms.  The blocks are 14'' unfinished, so I hope that they make 14'' pillowforms!  I suppose if they have 15'' ones, I can make that work.  I just hope that orange marking pencil she used washes out.  I'll probably soak them in oxy-clean and wash once I construct the pillow covers from them...... now I will have to go through and see if I have black zippers long enough!  If not, maybe I'll just do ties, I'm sure I have enough black material......

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  1. wow how lovely is that fabric, thats going to make a lovely quilt. I buy most of my fabric from the USA as its a lot cheaper there than here, even with the delivery costs.