Thursday, September 2, 2010

'argyle' quilt

well, I have a bunch of blocks done and I think you can see where I'm headed now with this quilt!  I'm going for an 'argyle' look and I think will be very cool!  It will be for the bed in my grandparents cabin that we stay at for a week in the summer (the cabin is ''studio'' style, so the bed is visible from the rest of the cabin that was built in the 70's).  The kitchen is in golds (white counter with gold flecks, harvest gold propane stove, white propane fridge, pine yellow cabinets, and orange/brown floor tiles).  Anyhow, I think this very 60's-70's feeling quilt will go well!  I plan to make a couch quilt from ''Dream On'' from Moda when I can get my hands on some (not yet released material that look like 60's-70's bed linen patterns!)
The only thing I cannot decide is if to make the orange and green blocks in rows, or to alternate them.  Thoughts anyone?


  1. Looking good ,I made one a while back but in stead of the black strips I used a black wool and put it on after the top was finished .

  2. the stripes are actually a dark brown that is the same in one of the other fabrics from this line (haven't finished those blocks with that fabric yet)