Monday, November 29, 2010

design wall Monday: the block that practically makes itself

The rotary cut Arrowhead block.  It's fun, it's EASY, it's addicting, and it practically makes itself!  You have GOT to try this block!  Two 10'' layer cake pieces make a 12'' block.  These two blocks were leftover from a project I'm working on with a layer cake of ''Dandelion Girl'' (I just LOVE Fig Tree's colors!)  I had insomnia this morning and got up at 4am, LOL.  I wanted to get right to sewing this morning and couldn't because hubby was sleeping still!  He finally got up and left for hunting about 8am, so I whipped this up in less than 10 minutes.    Seriously, less than 10 minutes!  A person could whip up a whole quilt top with this technique easily in one day!
before it was squared up:

after it was trimmed:
 and this is a little peek at the Dandelion Girl project:

and here are some ''mug rugs'' I whipped up yesterday.  The tree I embroidered on my embroidery machine (design is from Embroidery Library).  I'm not thrilled with calling them 'mug rugs' - I think 'cup quilts' better suits them, LOL.

 The black/white damask one I'm keeping for myself, and the green one (I made two like that) is going to go in a gift giveaway with 2 Christmas mugs.  These are a lot of fun to make - a tiny little quilt and you can practice different quilting techniques with them!  The green ones I did a swirly quilt design and I like it a lot!  I went with the old stand-by stipple in mine though.  Gotta love stipple :)