Monday, December 27, 2010

assembling the HST Wee Play blocks

I got 3 of the 9-patch blocks assembled before hubby pouted too much that I wasn't paying enough attention to him ::eye roll::  - and now today I have to work on my ''work'' sewing, but I may be able to get back to sewing these tomorrow.  Anybody else have a hard time sewing when hubby is home?  He is SO neeeeeedy, just like a toddler.......I hope I'm not the only 'lucky' one.  I know he does it cause he loves me, but I really shouldn't have to be the 'entertainment'.........

edited to add: since I started with 5'' charms, these HST's are just a bit over 4.5''.  So, the 9 patches are around 12.5'' unfinished.  There will be 36 nine-patches, so it will be approx 72'' square when done I think.


  1. Men ,I think they are all alike LOL . The blocks are looking great what size squares ( half squares ) you using .

  2. I know what you mean have hubby home for 7 weeks and can't seem to get anything done, but he is the greatest

  3. Mine gets whiny, too. He always wants to spend time with me but when I do we end up watching something like football or Robocop. Love the way this is looking!