Monday, January 17, 2011

6 bobbins

I did a lot of sewing this weekend.  Six 15 class bobbins worth, whew!
My postage stamp quilt along strips are sewn and ready for the next step!

I actually made 17 strip sets and plan to make one more white/print/white/print/white one so I can make my quilt a bit wider than the sample.  I have to go pick up some more white today though (was only 3 strips short!)
And, I also worked on my spiderweb selvage quilt.  I have all but about 6 blocks finished (out of 100!).  The finish line is in sight!
The reason I was able to do so much sewing with hubby home is that he found a new indoor hobby!  Oil painting!  And I think he's going to be really good at it!!!  This is one of his first paintings and he's never painted with oil before now!  Amazing isn't it???!!!

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  1. You've been busy .Your DH photo is amazing those mountains look so real ,such talent your both have . .