Thursday, January 13, 2011

Angela's Awesome Artistic Assembly of the Amped up Argyle Quilt

OK, I am feeling a bit giddy as the title reflects, LOL.  Not long ago, I sent my argyle quilt top to the wonderful Angela Walters over at Quiltingismytherapy to have her quilt it.  Today I got pictures and OMG I am blown away!  I so SO totally *excited* to get this in person and put the binding on!  I think I will have the binding waiting for it so I can put it on and snuggle with it for a couple hours on the couch hand-stitching the back of the binding down to finish it - the same day it arrives in the mail I'm sure! hehe :)
I first saw Angela's work at Tallgrass Prairie Studio when Angela quilted Jacquie's spiderweb selvage quilt.  I knew immediately when I saw that quilt that I had to make my own version of it so Angela could quilt it too!  I blogged about it here and here.  I'm definitely stoked to start work on it again though!  The first top on my ''to finish'' list is the postage stamp quilt for the quilt along - then I am going to work on the selvage quilt again.  The postage stamp quilt should be a pretty quick project - the spiderweb selvage quilt is a bit time consuming.
Anyhow, here it is in all it's glory!  The Amped up Argyle quilt!  (I never did decide on a name for it, maybe that's it?)

Isn't it MeadowSWEEEEET?!!!! hehe :)


  1. Karin;
    This Argyle is fabulous. Angela is a miracle quilter! Is this a pattern or one of your EQ creations?

  2. Yes, this is something I did in EQ, although I couldn't quite get it exactly like this in EQ, so I ''winged'' it for the most part :) It ended up wider than long (and I prefer my quilts square), but that's OK because it's going to go on my grandparents bed at their summer cabin (which we stay at a week during the summer). The cabin was built in 1977 and they used a LOT of ''recycled'' things to build it, so it's VERY 60's....