Monday, January 24, 2011

Argyle quilt DONE!

Sorry for the crummy pic, but it's icky rainy here today and hopefully I can get a better pic when I can get someone to hold it up for me.  I washed it and here it is just out of the dryer all krinkly and lovely!  I am glad I went with the dark brown binding, that was definitely the right choice I think!  Hubby says it looks like a stained glass window :)  So, maybe this is ''stained glass argyle''?  Still debating on the name!!!  Not all my quilts get names, so maybe it will always just be 'the argyle quilt', LOL.

I tell ya, my middle finger is SORE this morning from hand sewing the binding down!  I hate to use a thimble, and I ended up poking the eye of the needle into the end of my finger at least twice!  OUCH!  I wish they made a thimble that was thin like tape, but strong!  I could use it if I could tape it onto my finger - I have those leather 'dots' and those are OK, but they end up sliding around! and the needle catches the edge of them sometimes.   I wish they were a tiny bit larger and thinner.....

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  1. Another fabulous finished quilt! Yippee! It's lovely and I agree - that dark brown sets off the colors beautifully! I think I need to get a bit more expereince befoie I tackle diamonds, but I hope to tackle one soon! Well done!