Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postage stamp quilt top is DONE!

My quilt top for the postage stamp quilt along at p.s. i quilt is DONE DONE DONE!  This was more time consuming than I thought it would be really, but I'm glad I decided to add two more rows of blocks and make mine 80x80 instead of 60x80 :)  I just love a square quilt that it doesn't matter which way you throw it on the bed :)  And, I have to say, that this is the MOST 'points matching' quilt I've ever made!  I pinned every intersection and I did not find one point that didn't match!  I am so proud of that!  I did have to make two tiny puckers in two different spots to make that happen, but they will not show when it gets quilted and washed, but if a point didn't match, that *would* show, so that was more important than a teeny pucker :)

I will try to get better pics, nobody is home to hold it for me, although it will be tricky to get a pic of it since I don't think anybody's arms are 80'' across! LOL!  Might have to have both hubby and son hold it (good luck on that one I hear me say to myself).


  1. I'm completely charmed with this. Looks like summer.

  2. Karin it looks great! I love the idea of adding on for a larger quilt. I want to build mine up to a king but don't want to make that many postage blocks. I think borders will be in order!