Thursday, January 13, 2011

ready to start the postage stamp quilt!

I have my strips all ready and sorted for the postage stamp quilt along!
I need to get a little more white, I plan to make it a bit bigger than the one Rachel has... I'm guessing she is going to do 25-patches since she's having us sew in strip sets of 5 strips, so I'll probably do a bunch of 9 patches too, to add just a bit more width and length to mine (and try to use up ALL the Pampered Pooch material I have!)

EDIT TO ADD (two strip sets ready!)

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  1. Karin, I just read your comment on Judy L blog. If you can make quilts you can learn to knit. Matching corners is harder than knitting. Take a class if you need to but give it a try. It is very relaxing.