Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a sight for sore eyes.....

My son went back to college this morning, but before he left I got him to hold my Wee Play HST quilt top so I could take pics.  I am just in LOVE with this top and I can't wait to get a backing for it and start quilting!  I have 'work' things I need to finish first, but I expect I'll get to quilting on it by the beginning of next week :)  Weeee!

The wind wasn't cooperating, but at least you can see it, in all of it's glory!


  1. Love it ,you should be proud .

  2. Well that makes 2 of us who are in love with it! It's fabulous!

  3. Karin this is lovely! One of my favorite lines! Isn't it an easy quilt to lay out and make! I'm so happy you shared it!

    Hugs & stitches,