Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a really old project and some new fabric.......

I have this bunch of yo-yo's I started yeaaaaaars ago.  Like 1991 probably (the year I was prego with son #1 and couldn't work because I had morning sickness *horrible* until I was like 5-6 months along).  That is the year I did 3 full quilts (the wedding ring, the purple/pink sampler, and a log cabin done in mauves/pinks/blues).  Ya, this was that mauve-crazy time, so there are a lot of mauve's in these yo-yo's too.  I had planned back then to make mauve flowers and blue flowers (all tied together with a yellow center) done in the 'grandmothers flower garden' arrangement with lights/whites between the flowers.  That is a LOT of yo-yo's.  To me, now, a coverlet makes NO sense.  I have to decide if I am going to finish these or not, and if I do, I will probably do a wholecloth quilt and then tie the coverlet to it somehow - maybe with a button in the center of each flower?  I have a lot of yo's done, but nowhere nearly enough for a whole bed-sized coverlet.  What to do, what to do?........ (I wish I would have done hexagons instead!)
 (the quilt underneath of the yo's is the back of my argyle quilt, which is a vintage sheet, isn't it lovely?!)

I went to the LQS the other day to find some fabrics for just a few more blocks for my raw-edge circle quilt and I came across these in the clearance section.  I will have to look at the selvage of the purple one to see what it is, but the rest is Oz. 

  I don't usually buy pinks/purples, but hopefully most of these will work in the bottled rainbow ticker tape quilt.  I got a yard of each (which was the minimum for clearance fabrics).  I do think I am going to go back and get the rest of the black print on the right next time I'm in town though.  Love that one.  The purple reminds me of something Denyse Schmidt might do, although I'm sure it's not....  Ok, I had to get up and look - the purple is ''Poppies'' by Pamela Mostek for Clothworks.   I should look when I go back and see if there is more in that line, it's lovely!

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on my raw-edge circle quilt some - I have all 100 blocks sewn back into circles, now I can start sewing the 10 rows of 10 I guess, shouldn't be too long from here before it's done!
 What I'm loving about the assembly of this quilt is - there won't be any more than 4 seams coming together at one point.  Easy piecing and ironing from here on out!  No huge bulky seams to press the heck out of!  Love it.
The fabrics are: Wee Play, Punctuation, Oz, and some random pieces from Grandma's stash.  Funny how the block on the lower right ended up all Punctuation for the background and all Oz for the circle.  And check out that black Oz print!  Isn't that so sweet?!!!  I am in love with that print.  I found the Oz collection at my LQS on clearance for 40% off - so I got a yard of several prints, I might go back and get the rest of that black print for the backing for this quilt though :)  Love the dotty wavy stripes too.  Yummy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can't sleep.......

Got hubby off to work at 2am and my mind is not in the mode to go back to sleep.  It's 3am now, maybe I'll take a nap later.....  So, while I'm up, I might as well share some pics I took, but didn't get a chance to upload/edit because hubby had the camera this weekend.....
I finished up sewing the circles on squares for the raw-edge circle quilt.  I have them all cut in quarters now too and some pairs sewn together.  I'll probably get back to working on that later today, or possibly tomorrow.....
Here are some of them before I cut them into quarters:
top left: Puctuation, Katie Jump Rope
top right: Punctuation, Wee Play
bottom left: Puctuation, Katie Jump Rope
bottom middle: Punctuation, Wee Play
bottom right, Punctuation, (unknown from Grandma's stash, I have this print in blue too that I used in the blocks as well)
 I chose to trim the back fabric before cutting into quarters so I had larger scraps left.

And speaking of scraps..........

I'm starting to get enough material scraps for the Bottled Rainbow quilt-along.......  I just ordered the last solid (cerise) and some Kona black for my background.  I was going to go with gray, but some of my scraps will look better fussy cut with the black background.  Some of these fabrics will work for several of the blocks (depending on which part I cut out - these are the fabrics in the front/left corner here that I will be fussy cutting)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

National quilting day?

I hear it's National Quilting Day?!!!  Perfect!  Hubby and oldest son have gone off snowmobiling and I have caught up on all my 'work' sewing, so I can work on this today!  (Hubby and son also took the camera unfortunately so I can't show you a new pic, but I will on Monday!)
 I was able to get the circles all cut (I am short about 20 circles, but I have 100 background blocks).  I think I might use some solids for those circles?  Still deciding.....
Anyhow, I got the 80 background/circles all lined up and pinned together last night, so I will work on sewing them together today, then trimming the double layer tonight (I am going to trim the circles out before cutting the blocks into quarters so I have larger usable scraps), then maybe Monday I will be able to start assembly :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Spiderweb Selvage quilt top

The spiderweb selvage quilt top (aka: the 'clown' quilt) assembly is DONE!  I am so excited about this one!  I normally piece my backings with scraps from the front, but it will be much easier to quilt if this one has a one piece backing.  Plus, it's heavy enough already, don't need to add anymore unnecessary weight!  The weather is really dark and dismal and rainy out, so I am going to have to settle for an 'on the bed' photo to share with y'all.

200 triangles make up 25 blocks - and I think it measures approx 80x80 .   Whew!  This one was one of the most time consuming quilt tops ever!  I think it might run a tie with my wedding ring quilt I made in 1991.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy quilting quilt-along top done!

I am very happy with how my Happy Quilting quilt-along top turned out!
the weather is icky and pouring rain out, I'll try to get better pics when the weather allows :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sherbet pips hexagon quilt tutorial

OK, I am finally sitting down and getting this tutorial written before my oldest son comes home from college tomorrow night and I won't get anything done in the quilt realm after he is here for spring break :)

for one quilt top approx 76'' square, you are going to need:
One Sherbet Pips jelly roll (or jelly roll of your choice, or fourty 2 1/2'' x WOF colored strips)
3 3/4 yards of white fabric - cut into approx (53) 2 1/2''x WOF strips (or solid of your choice)
60 degree ruler (I used Creative Grids ruler, I love the non-slip backing dots it has!)

Step one: unroll your jelly roll and keeping them folded, lay out 2 strips at a time on your cutting mat (so you will be cutting through 4 layers).  Using your 60 degree ruler, line up the 2'' mark on the top of the strip and the 4 1/2'' mark on the bottom of the strip.  Cut on both sides.

Now, flip your ruler over and cut from the other direction:

Continue cutting in this manner until you reach the end of the strip.

I highly recommend you snip off the lower corners of these half hexies to aid in construction.

If you have a directional print, I highly suggest you pair them up in 'top' and 'bottom' hexies so that your print will be going the same direction on each hexie.

Cut (45) of your 2 1/2'' white strips in the same manner reserving 8 for the end.
Pair each half hexie up with a white half hexie and sew sew sew until the cows come home.  This is where that little corner nub cut off comes in handy because you can just line it up with the bottom of the other half hexie.

you will have a huge pile of half hexies with white mates that look like this:

Now, you can start sewing them into rows.  I worked with one row at a time.  Take 10 of these hexie pairs and sew them into a random row.

At this point, I want you do make sure that each end has one and a HALF white half hexies on BOTH ends.  Just cut a few of the half hexies in half so you have a straight edge on each end instead of a tapered end.  Some of this will be cut off at the end to straighten your edges, so you don't have to be really critical here.

Now, sew your mirror image strip for the bottom half of your hexies.

Now you can do some pressing!  Press one strip to one side, and the other strip in the opposite direction.  This way, your seams will nestle together and you'll get perfect points!  This is the ONLY time when sewing this quilt that you will have to match seams!  Pin at each intersection and you will get great points!

Now, you can start with your next strip set.  Continue with constructing the strip sets until you run out of your patterned half hexies :)
Now you can start sewing the strip sets together! Obviously, you are NOT going to match the ends of the rows together here.  They can be totally random, or you can make sure that the hexies are all centered perfectly in the white spaces they will adjoin.  Honestly, I didn't even pin at this step, I just put them together and sewed!  Some stayed perfectly centered, and some went off center.  I didn't care though as this made it a bit more random than 'perfectly placed' :)

Continue sewing your strip sets together until you have a near complete top!  Here is where you can square up that edge (this is why you made sure there was 1 1/2 of the white half hexies at each end).  Now take your remaining eight 2 1/2'' white strips and frame the entire quilt top with a white border.  Yaaa!  Another top done!
 Now you can quilt and bind as desired!  I haven't gotten around to quilting mine yet, but I plan to do a medium dense stipple to make the seam lines 'disappear' hopefully :)

Have fun!  This was one of THE easiest quilts I have put together to date!  Loved it and want to make another!

Monday, March 7, 2011

crochet edge pillowcases

today I have two completed pillowcases to adorn my bed!  I am going to do two more with the same print, different back solid and orange crochet edge!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

just one star

I'm participating in Moda's 'Just one star' project!  Check it out!

Here is my block completed and ready to send :)

pillowcases for my quilt-along quilt

I have finished the sashing step of the quilt-along and am ready for the next!
Aaaand.......  I am working on pillowcases today to go with the quilt!  I have one pillowcase assembled, and I am going to do a crochet edge on it.  I kinda followed this tutorial only I changed it a bit and made it so I have a 6'' overhang 'flange' on the edge.  I like the floppy edge of a pillowcase (and the lining goes in further, there is still a 'pocket' in mine to hold the edge of the pillow so it doesn't show, but the lining makes so you don't see the underside of the fabric too).
Anyhow, here is one of the pillowcases assembled and ready for the crochet.  I think I might have to take the case to the store to get a better matching crochet yarn though - the blue is too 'aqua' and the greens aren't quite bright enough.  Maybe I'll look for an orange instead that matches the flowers?  I don't know, I can't decide!  What color would you use?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

quilt along progress

Well, I am ready to sew the next step of the Happy Quilting quilt along!

I also ordered 2 1/2 yards of this material:

I am going to make pillowcases to match the quilt with this material and put crochet edges on it like on Bee In My Bonnet!  These are SOOO cute!  Love love love them!  I am debating on what color though - maybe the leaf green?  The sashing color in my quilt top is pretty darn close to the blue in the background of this material, so I think that color might not stand out enough.  I'm thinking the green would be nice - or maybe the orange or light red?  I'm not a big fan of yellow or pink.  I am just not a pink kinda gal!