Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can't sleep.......

Got hubby off to work at 2am and my mind is not in the mode to go back to sleep.  It's 3am now, maybe I'll take a nap later.....  So, while I'm up, I might as well share some pics I took, but didn't get a chance to upload/edit because hubby had the camera this weekend.....
I finished up sewing the circles on squares for the raw-edge circle quilt.  I have them all cut in quarters now too and some pairs sewn together.  I'll probably get back to working on that later today, or possibly tomorrow.....
Here are some of them before I cut them into quarters:
top left: Puctuation, Katie Jump Rope
top right: Punctuation, Wee Play
bottom left: Puctuation, Katie Jump Rope
bottom middle: Punctuation, Wee Play
bottom right, Punctuation, (unknown from Grandma's stash, I have this print in blue too that I used in the blocks as well)
 I chose to trim the back fabric before cutting into quarters so I had larger scraps left.

And speaking of scraps..........

I'm starting to get enough material scraps for the Bottled Rainbow quilt-along.......  I just ordered the last solid (cerise) and some Kona black for my background.  I was going to go with gray, but some of my scraps will look better fussy cut with the black background.  Some of these fabrics will work for several of the blocks (depending on which part I cut out - these are the fabrics in the front/left corner here that I will be fussy cutting)

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