Saturday, March 19, 2011

National quilting day?

I hear it's National Quilting Day?!!!  Perfect!  Hubby and oldest son have gone off snowmobiling and I have caught up on all my 'work' sewing, so I can work on this today!  (Hubby and son also took the camera unfortunately so I can't show you a new pic, but I will on Monday!)
 I was able to get the circles all cut (I am short about 20 circles, but I have 100 background blocks).  I think I might use some solids for those circles?  Still deciding.....
Anyhow, I got the 80 background/circles all lined up and pinned together last night, so I will work on sewing them together today, then trimming the double layer tonight (I am going to trim the circles out before cutting the blocks into quarters so I have larger usable scraps), then maybe Monday I will be able to start assembly :)

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