Saturday, March 5, 2011

pillowcases for my quilt-along quilt

I have finished the sashing step of the quilt-along and am ready for the next!
Aaaand.......  I am working on pillowcases today to go with the quilt!  I have one pillowcase assembled, and I am going to do a crochet edge on it.  I kinda followed this tutorial only I changed it a bit and made it so I have a 6'' overhang 'flange' on the edge.  I like the floppy edge of a pillowcase (and the lining goes in further, there is still a 'pocket' in mine to hold the edge of the pillow so it doesn't show, but the lining makes so you don't see the underside of the fabric too).
Anyhow, here is one of the pillowcases assembled and ready for the crochet.  I think I might have to take the case to the store to get a better matching crochet yarn though - the blue is too 'aqua' and the greens aren't quite bright enough.  Maybe I'll look for an orange instead that matches the flowers?  I don't know, I can't decide!  What color would you use?

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  1. Those will be darling! I think any of those colors would be lovely so I'm no help. Sorry. I would probably make one with green and one with orange. Either way, it looks like I need to learn to crochet now - I love all the pillowcases I'm seeing!