Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a really old project and some new fabric.......

I have this bunch of yo-yo's I started yeaaaaaars ago.  Like 1991 probably (the year I was prego with son #1 and couldn't work because I had morning sickness *horrible* until I was like 5-6 months along).  That is the year I did 3 full quilts (the wedding ring, the purple/pink sampler, and a log cabin done in mauves/pinks/blues).  Ya, this was that mauve-crazy time, so there are a lot of mauve's in these yo-yo's too.  I had planned back then to make mauve flowers and blue flowers (all tied together with a yellow center) done in the 'grandmothers flower garden' arrangement with lights/whites between the flowers.  That is a LOT of yo-yo's.  To me, now, a coverlet makes NO sense.  I have to decide if I am going to finish these or not, and if I do, I will probably do a wholecloth quilt and then tie the coverlet to it somehow - maybe with a button in the center of each flower?  I have a lot of yo's done, but nowhere nearly enough for a whole bed-sized coverlet.  What to do, what to do?........ (I wish I would have done hexagons instead!)
 (the quilt underneath of the yo's is the back of my argyle quilt, which is a vintage sheet, isn't it lovely?!)

I went to the LQS the other day to find some fabrics for just a few more blocks for my raw-edge circle quilt and I came across these in the clearance section.  I will have to look at the selvage of the purple one to see what it is, but the rest is Oz. 

  I don't usually buy pinks/purples, but hopefully most of these will work in the bottled rainbow ticker tape quilt.  I got a yard of each (which was the minimum for clearance fabrics).  I do think I am going to go back and get the rest of the black print on the right next time I'm in town though.  Love that one.  The purple reminds me of something Denyse Schmidt might do, although I'm sure it's not....  Ok, I had to get up and look - the purple is ''Poppies'' by Pamela Mostek for Clothworks.   I should look when I go back and see if there is more in that line, it's lovely!

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