Monday, April 18, 2011

Design wall Monday - I've got one basted!!!

Well, I finally have a place to baste quilts.  My mom cleared out the floor of one of her upstairs bedrooms so I could get some done.  It worked great.  The carpet is clean and has very good padding so I wasn't too sore afterwards!  I am a happy camper!  The quilt I decided to baste first is my raw-edge circle quilt - because it was on the top of the pile and I just picked up the backing fabric for it (a print from ''Oz'' collection for Moda that I got for 40% off!)
so, here is the quilt and below is the quilt in the machine getting quilted!  I have quite a bit more to do (ran out of black thread yesterday, so had to go to town).  I am doing a design of an 8-petal flower in the circles and some free-form leaves in the background.  You can kinda pick out the quilting in this pic......

And then, I just had to pick up some of the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics at JoAnn's.  I had two coupons, so I only got the 4 prints I knew I *had* to have, will get more as I get more coupons :)

Well, hubby just called and said he's leaving work early because of snow.  This is mid April, geez!  I think Mother Nature is getting her seasons mixed up!  It was 29 degrees here this morning when hubby left for work!  Crazy crazy!!!


  1. Very cool quilt. Hope the quilting goes smoothly.
    We have snow here too!

  2. great colors in the circle quilt and very brave to use black thread for quilting!

  3. I went this weekend for some of those prints too, they were already out of the blue dots here. I hope I can find some, but I did manage to get the others like yours.

    Your quilt is simply beautiful.

  4. Nice quilt and great quilting...

  5. Awesome!! Really love this! How small are each curved full circle block?