Monday, April 4, 2011

The party and some recovery sewing.......

The party Saturday was a huge success!  We had 15 soup contest entries and all were amazing!

There was jambalaya, gumbo, frog leg, turkey noodle (with homemade noodles!), baked potato (yum, my second favorite!), spicy pork (my 3rd choice!), Italian sausage (mine), ''bacon of the sea''(a bacon/seafood chowder), and my youngest son made ''Chipotle sweet potato corn chowder''.  Bacon of the sea and the chipotle chowder ended up tying for 1st place.  I made the decision to split the winnings and give each half of the 'pot' (there was $70 in the pot, so each got $35), and then Connor got the trophy (because the person that tied was a friend of my nephew, and I didn't know him so didn't want to send the perpetual trophy home with him since I didn't know if it would come back next year!)  Anyhow, it was a great time, we had our friend Tom play music for the night.  He plays a mean blues harmonica and his guitar isn't too bad either.
Some stayed well into the night, I think it was close to 2am when everybody was gone (and the two that stayed because they had been drinking decided to turn in for the night).  We slept in, and hubby spent the day Sunday on the couch recovering, LOL.  I was a good girl, so I felt good Sunday and decided to start my ''bottled rainbows'' quilt blocks!  I finished 4 'frames' (pink, cerise, lime green, and red) and cut the scraps for my red frame.
the cerise frame - I went with mitered corners and black background.....
and my red block!  I  just l.o.v.e. how this turned out!  I just have these spray basted down, today I am going to sew them down - I think I am going to use red thread and an applique stitch around the edges of the scraps.  I am going to do quilt-as-you-go also and then hand-stitch with black perle cotton about 1/4'' outside the background in the red frame.  I will post pics when I get that done!


  1. I love your red and black block ,what a gorgeous wall hanging that will make .

  2. An explosion of red. A good way to feature fabrics.

  3. I just LOVE how this turned out too! I'm tempted to start this project myself.

  4. Abolutley beautiful quilt. So much fun; love the crab!

  5. I love the black background and the neat squares.