Monday, July 25, 2011

design wall Monday - hexie madness

Well, I finally broke down and started a hexagon project.  It's a nice sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-TV project in the evening.  I am probably going to go through my orphan charm packs and chop them into quarters - and maybe find someone to do some swapping with.  I want a totally scrappy quilt.  Hopefully not repeating any materials.  We'll see how that works out.  It will probably take me years to complete, LOL.
I easily completed I think 60 hexies in two short evening sessions.  Love the lazy eyed owl, hehe :)  I am using Texas Freckles print-out for the hexies - and using a Sewline glue pen instead of thread basting.  I am LOVING the glue pen!  I bought two pens (one to give to my mom), but I'm seriously thinking about hoarding keeping it for myself.  I see that I need around 1200 hexies for an approx 50x60 quilt - that size quilt just won't 'do' of course, has to be bigger!  I am thinking it will probably need to be more like 3000 hexies, OYE.

I also worked on my DS quilts blocks - got 6 more of the 'churndash' blocks done.  It's so time consuming to trim up all those little HST's!  My left leg goes numb when I stand at the cutting table too long, so I have to switch between cutting and sewing, which hampers progress.