Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so much for finishing my bottled rainbow this week.......

I was hoping to get my bottled rainbow quilt top finished this week, but doesn't look like that is gonna happen.  My online store all of a sudden exploded and I have a TON of sewing to do.  Work sewing, not FUN sewing.  BOO.
Here is my bottled rainbow blocks sewn into rows, ready to have the sashing put on to have the rows sewn together to make a complete top.....

I cut the sashing 1 1/4'' to finish at 3/4''.  I am going to cut a border in black as well at 1'' to finish at 3/4'' - and then the binding will be black as well. :)


  1. It is going to be gorgeous Karin! I love the black borders, perfect! Shop orders are a good thing too!

  2. Holding my breath until you DO get that quilt finished because it's going to me magnificent! Just think of your explosion as job security! It'll allow you to buy more yummy fabric!