Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well, after a sewing hiatus, I decided to work on my bottled rainbow blocks.......
teal and turquoise done......

Overall progress as of today:
*Ruby – done
*Raspberry  - done
*Petal - done
*Plum - done
*Eggplant - done
*Cerise - done
*Pumpkin -done
*Tangerine - done
*Mustard - done
*Moss (not started)
*Teal  - done
*Indigo  (not started)
*Ocean (not started)
*Turquoise -done
*Grass (not started)
*Lime -done

hoping to get one done today as I do laundry - my son goes back for his 3rd year of college on Friday (so we'll all be driving to Idaho from W.WA).  Of course he has about 4 loads of laundry to be done, oye......


  1. They both look great Karin! I meant to ask you the other day how your progress with this one was going! I've done nothing regarding mine lately!

  2. Your blocks are so nice with the black background. I just finished handsewing the binding on mine. Such a fun project.

  3. Love those blocks, they are candy for the eyes!