Monday, September 26, 2011

a Ghastlie project

I'm going to give just a sneak peek at a project I'm working on!  It's a Ghastlie one! hehe :)
I got my Ghastlies fabrics from Great Fabric Finds on Etsy.  Great prices and GREAT customer service!  I am in no way connected, just a happy customer!  I placed my second order from them today (didn't get enough of the green clover or the Ghastlie Night print) and she is super fast to respond and so very helpful!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hexie flower #1

well, I have quite a few hexies basted (they are fun to do with the Sewline glue stick!), and now I have one single hexie flower sewn together.  I stitched it together with my grandmother's silk thread and the stitches are almost completely hidden, love it!

I have my hexies arranged in this box now in groups of 7 (6 coordinating petals and a center).  I do have a few dozen more done that aren't matched up into flowers yet.  I got a REALLY good deal on a sampler pack of Moda's mini-charms, so I'm going to use those all up and then see how many flowers that makes.  I think I might sew each flower onto a larger background hexagon piece so I don't have to do quite so much hand-stitching.  I think that will make it a much more do-able project than a whole GFG type quilt top.