Friday, October 21, 2011

A few of my favorite things.....

I don't know how one block could contain so many of my favorite things in quilting.
red and aquaaaaaa!
American Jane Pez in red!  (i. heart. pez.)
It's a thing of beauty, but I maaaay be a bit biased :)

This little lovely is no slouch either!!!

::sigh:: I love working on these little hexie flowers - whether they are scrappy flowers or matchy.  Love them all!  I think I'll make ''opposites'' of these tonight (solids as the petals, print as the center).
I'm gonna have to figure out at some point - how many hexie flowers I need to make for a quilt?  I want it to at least be 70x70 or somewhere around there.......


  1. Love these hexagons! I having been wanting to start on mine for months now!!

  2. these are adorable...i am with you. i love that pez. i am excited that it is coming out again and in a FQ bundle with all the colors!!! hooray!