Monday, November 28, 2011

66 flowers....

I actually have 71 done now, but 5 aren't pressed and in this pic :)  It's evident from the pic that I need more yellows, dark blues, and pinks/purples!  Plenty of reds and light blue/aqua for sure.  Guess you can tell my favorite colors!
I'm thinking when I assemble them, I might make them flow from one color to the next....... hopefully I can make that happen w/o it looking like a rainbow.....

And below is a pic of the star flower paper pieced.  I think I will NOT do this though, it wasn't fun to piece at all.  I'm gonna have to figure out something similar and machine piece it me thinks!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hexagon calculator

Since I've been getting a lot of hexie flowers sewn together, I have been wondering when I'm going to get close to enough for a full size quilt.  Today, I finally found something SUPER helpful for a hexagon quilt!  Check out CD Designs - they have a hexagon quilt calculator!  I punched in for a 70x70 quilt with 1'' hexagons - and got that I'll need 1877 hexagons.  I divided that by 7 (number of hexies in a flower) and so that means I'll need 268 hexie flowers (give or take a few) to make a decent sized quilt.  I think that's totally do-able, so I'm going to stick with the idea of no background/path on these flowers :)  I have an idea for another EPP project (after I finish this one, will be able to use some leftovers) that I will use a background on, so I want this one to be different. (Plus, I have a GFG hand-pieced vintage quilt top off to be quilted that has a 'path', so want it to be different from that one too.)
I didn't take a new pic, here's previous pics of some of my hexies :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

design wall monday - more hexagon flowers

I'm getting quite a pile of these little guys - and I am very much considering appliquing them onto a solid backing in a random fashion instead of sewing them together like I've had them in pics.  Still deciding.  I think I'd need about 300 flowers for a full size quilt - maybe only 150 if I used a background fabric..... hmmm.......

Friday, November 11, 2011

speaking of scrappy trips......

Those block lotto blocks on my last post reminded me of this UFO I started a while back with this tutorial.......  I found honey buns on clearance at my LQS for less than $10...... I got 3 (I think they are Mill House Inn?  Fig Tree anyhow....).  Honey Buns for a whole quilt?...... what was I thinking?  I'll still get back to it someday, but WOW, those blocks are TINY.  The measure in at 6 1/2'' where the same block made with jelly roll strips measures in at 12 1/2'', LOL.    It takes FOUR honey bun blocks to equal ONE jelly roll block.  Ya, I think even with 3 honey buns, it will be a small quilt.  Craziness I tell ya!

Here is one of my UFO boxes with strip sets made up, some pre-cut - and two honey buns not even opened yet.  I think that when I DO finish this one, I'll have to buy some coordinating Fig Tree material for a LARGE border! LOL

November block lotto

Well, I decided to join in on the 'block lotto' - so here are my entries for the month of November!  (with my argyle quilt peeking out from the background!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner!

And the winner for the made-by-me jelly roll (picked by is:  #30 chicken mommy
I have emailed you chicken mommy - all I need is an address and I'll get that jelly roll in the mail to you this week :)
#30 chicken mommy said...
I love how the ghastlies are hiding in the center of all those triangles. Ghastly gorgeous creations.