Saturday, December 10, 2011

97 hexagon flowers

My stack of hexagons has grown to 97 flowers.  If you have not seen I'm a Ginger Monkey's Hexy MF, you need to check it out.  This is very similar to how I hope to finish my hexagon quilt and hers is such an inspiration!
My stack of 97 flowers:

The flowers I've finished in the last week:

Love my Pezzy prints!  (and FMF!)
 Tonight is hubby's company Christmas party and it's freezing rain out!  The last 3 years in a row, it's snowed on us during the party - hopefully it will be snow this year too and not an ice storm!


  1. I love watching your hexes grow. I need to get a border on mine and quilt it. hopeful soon. Merry Christmas

  2. So many hexie flowers! I love your pez ones too! Hope you guys had a wonderful time at the Christmas party!