Thursday, January 26, 2012

quilty memories....

Yesterday was a quilty day with my mom......
A semi-local quilt museum was doing an exhibit at a local retirement center, so mom and I decided to go.  It was amazing to see all the antique quilts and hear their stories!  We saw quilts of all types, even one that was fairly new from a local male quilter!  (There was not one man at the exhibit though, LOL).

After the exhibit, I went to her house to baste my kaleidoscope quilt:

then, noticed her Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that I think she started as a teenager and finished just a few years ago.  I had forgotten that I had given her scraps from several quilts I had made.  The flower print in the star centers from this one:

and the main flower print in this one (which resides on my bed below the comforter ALL the time):

and also another print from a mauve/blue log cabin quilt I made early 1991.  For some reason, I don't have a pic of that quilt.  My younger son uses it on his bed under his ''money quilt'' though :)

It was really fun to see those scraps used in my mom's wonderful hexagon quilt though!  I'll have to get a pic of her quilts next time I think of it when I go there.  She has an amazing DWR that she hand-pieced and hand quilted too.  It's just amazing!

Anyhow, I came home practically meeting the UPS man at the front door.  He had a box with this little stack of beauties for me!

I am going to quilt the kaleidoscope quilt today, then my focus will be on this stack of lovliness!  EEEEEE!

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  1. your kaleidoscope quilt is so lovely. you did such an amazing job.