Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aunt Edna

I wanted to get a few prints from the new DS Quilts fabrics at JoAnn's - that is until I saw the sticker price!  Anybody else shocked/dismayed/appalled by the new much-higher price of $12.99 a yard?!!!


  1. Yes but they were on sale for 30% and if you have a 15% teacher discount that almost 1/2 price. They are truely luscious in person. I lust for the grays and oranges.

  2. I agree Karin. I haven't purchased any yet. The new Joann flyer came out and now they will only be 25% off.

  3. Yes, i heard about that - yikes! I haven't been to Joanns in a while so I haven't seen them yet, but that sure is pricey!