Tuesday, February 21, 2012

foundation paper piecing

well, FPP is all new to me.  I tested parts of a DWR paper pieced block - enough to know I had my head wrapped around the concept.  Or so I thought, LOL.
I pieced this the other day (found here on Etsy):
she turned out well in the end, but WOW was it a lot harder than I thought.  Well, not really hard, just confusing! LOL.  I am thinking I'll turn this matronly babushka into a pillow cover maybe?  Although she needs a face - and I don't know if I'll attempt to embroider that on, or maybe just draw it on with Micron pens.  I'm thinking the pens will win out, LOL.


  1. I think she is great. I am all for the Micron pens myself.

  2. She looks great! You know there is block paper piecing which I think is easier then object paper piecing. But once you do a few it starts to make sense.