Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Senior project

no, I'm not a senior citizen - this is a post about my younger son's senior project.  I'm not sure about in other parts of the country/world, but here kids have to choose a project to report on the end of their senior year.  Their project needs to have at least 20 hours into it and they have to make a story board and do a presentation about it in front of school faculty (board members?  principal?  not sure on that).  Anyhow, they need to have a 'mentor' for their project - and DS#2's mentor is moi :)
And I was *thrilled* with what he chose to make.  It's something I personally have wanted to make for years, but just never got around to it.
This is what he's been making:

 Can you see WHY I was thrilled?  hehe :)
He's going to go with the painted case (not sure on the color yet, but possibly the dark green like pictured), and the bare wood panels/lid are curly maple (the wood is a little spalted and bug-eaten which gives it a really rustic look!)  Here is a pic of the panels he has glued up for the lid:

Imagine how awesome this wood will be with a clear finish on it! 
This wood has history - hubby and I harvested it ourselves.  The trees were already cut down and we asked permission from the owners to cut slabs from the trees.  Hubby used his chainsaw with an Alaskan saw mill attachment on it, and we cut wide slabs from it.  It has been aging in our basement for a decade, and so when this project came up, I took some of the slabs into a local millworks and had them cut them into boards.  The top is two book-matched boards cut from the same slab.  The painted parts of the chest are getting made from pine lumber I had on hand.  He got quite far on the project this weekend, and I think it will be finished next weekend :)  His presentation is March 1st, so not much time left!

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  1. That is so cool that you cut the wood just for him! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. :)