Monday, March 19, 2012


I have a dilemma.  I miscalculated on how much yardage I'd need to make an 80x80 quilt (for a wedding present) with 4'' equilateral triangles.  I have been sewing them into horizontal strips about 80'' wide, and now I realized that it's only going to be 80x60 with the material I have cut/sewn.

Hubby says, ''Perfect.  Throw it together.  Be done with it''.  That just won't work for me!  An 80'' wide and 60'' long quilt just will NOT do.  I could probably get more of SOME of the fabrics, and I do have a little more of most of the solids.  Only 6 rows are actually sewn together.......  hmm, I guess I could go see what I CAN get more of and work rows of those materials with the solids between the rows of the one's with all the fabrics......  Or I could do a sashing/border treatment of some sort?  Ideas anybody?

edited to add:  so, I have 15 horizontal rows, each 80'' long (wide).  One idea is to sew them into groups of 5 rows, with a 5'' solid strip between them.  solid/triangles/solid/triangles/solid/triangles/solid - possibly?


  1. Oye! Isn't that frustrating? I would say listen to hubby, but if I were in your position, I would do what you are doing. :) See, what you DO have and hopefully that'll make it big enough that you could add a border. Let me know if I need to go fabric hunting for you and keep us posted.

  2. How about taking 20" off each row and joining those bits to make more rows so the quilt becomes a 60" wide and 80" long?

  3. Oh boy, I hate when that happens. And it just happened to me. The triangle quilt I just made was just too small (I only had so much fabric), so I wound up doing some borders. Good luck! I do love the fabric combos.