Friday, March 16, 2012

HOW many HST's?

I am making my Swoon blocks with all HST's instead of some flying geese blocks.  That means a LOT of HST's.  A. LOT.
I am one that likes to prepare all the pieces before starting assembly.  I have ONE block assembled of 9.  And, so, by my calculations I need 336 more HST's.  I really HOPE I did my figuring right and this is 336 blocks pressed and ready to trim.  Yes, I have to TRIM all of these blocks, EEEK!  Although, I did go ahead and press the seams open on these, so the next 8 should be neater and lay flatter than my first block (I didn't realize how bulky some of the seams would be by pressing to the side like I normally do!)  I have to take trimming little by little as it seems my left thigh goes numb when standing at the cutting table too long :P  It's been doing that for some time now, one of the consequences of getting old, egads :P

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