Saturday, May 12, 2012

gift card wallet tutorial

I was giving my niece a gift card for a wedding shower gift, so I wanted to add *something* handmade, so I made her a little card wallet to hold it (and I knew she was getting other gift cards, so this could hold several).   She really liked it, and she asked if I could make her fiancee one too.  It was really a simple project, so it was no problem to whip up another.  So, I decided to take pics to make a tutorial as I made the second one.

You can make 4 of these with just a fat quarter!

Cut 2 pieces 4.5''x6'' and 2 pieces 4.5'' x 4'' (I accidentally cut the two larger at 6.5'', but trimmed them after this photo when I realized my mistake)
 Back all the pieces with iron-on adhesive (I used stitch witchery and teflon ironing sheets to keep it from sticking to my iron and ironing board, but you can use paper-backed iron-on adhesive, I just used what I had on hand).  Fold the two smaller pieces in half so they measure 4.5''x2'' and iron.
 Take your inside piece (right side up) and lay the folded pieces on either end with the folded edges toward the middle.
 now lay your top piece and place it right side down on top
Stitch around all sides with 1/4'' seam allowance leaving an area for turning
 Trim the corners pretty close
 turn right side out, making sure to get the corners as sharp as possible.  Get it as straight as possible and give it a good press.  Stitch around the outside edge with a scant 1/8'' seam allowance.
Fold it in half and press again.  Voila!  A quick and EASY wallet to hold your gift cards (or debit cards/driver's license, etc.)  I think a scrappy one would be really awesome........

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  1. thank you Karin! Great tutorial! I'm going to make some in holiday fabrics. They will make a gift card seem even more special!