Saturday, June 2, 2012

small town quilt show

I went to a small quilt show in our town today - I only had my camera phone with me to take pics, but I thought I'd share what I took pics of even if they aren't the best quality photos.
Who doesn't love a good crazy quilt?  Love all the embroidery.....
 And good old-fashioned Sunbonnet Sue.  So cute!
 This one in 30's reproductions....  LOVE.  Anybody know what pattern this is called?  I forgot to look on the info tag!  Can you spot the mistake humility block?
 These 3-D type quilts always amaze me, although I don't think I'd ever make one myself, I do like to look at them!
 This is the one I voted for - all hand pieced AND hand quilted apple core scrappy quilt.  ::swoons::
 This was my second favorite.  This pattern is on my 'to-do' list.  Love it in 30's reproduction pastels, I usually see it in jewel tones!  I think this tag said it was a pattern by Darlene Zimmerman.  Basic 4-patch + HST's though, easy peasy, but stunning I think!
 This was such a lovely scrappy quilt.  My 3rd favorite :)
 This bargello flag quilt was impressive!
 This fish quilt got my vote for favorite miniature.  It had all raw edges and had great quilting!
 A selvage quilt!!!
The quilts there inspired me too..........  I think I am going to aim to enter a quilt or two in this show next year.  I think that my red/white urban 9-patch might be my goal quilt, so I am going to be thinking hard how I will quilt it so it's really eye catching :)

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  1. Oh the talent and creativity of quilters everywhere! Thanks for sharing.