Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday sewing

I have finally had some sewing time, and I made this adorable potholder!
I started with this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop, and modified it a little by using less layers of fabric (spaced them out 1/2'') and finishing it off in an octogon shape instead of square :)  I have enough fabric cut for 2 more of these, hopefully I'll get around to them sooner than later :)

A couple weeks ago, I made a spice rack for the inside of my pantry door, and that freed up a LOT of space above my stove - so I decided to make some decorative potholders for above it.  One down, 2 to go!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

too hot for me

We've been having around 90* days here in NW Washington.  Us Washingtonians are NOT used to weather like this, especially this fair-skinned red-head!  It's zapping my energy right out!

I did get some blackberries picked, and jelly made the other day - and then found out then next day that it didn't gel :(  So, today I will be back for some fresh pectin to recook it.  I did save one jar and used as a topping on some ice cream last night - YUM!

My oldest son is going back to college this weekend, and he is renting a house with friends this year.  The first two years, he was in the dorm, last year he had an apartment with 2 friends, this year it's a house with 3 friends.  The rent is cheaper, which will be nice!  But, that means he is going to need to bring more things (bed, dresser, desk, etc.).  We got a bed on freecycle (wohoo!), and I think we'll just look on Craigslist in that area for a desk and dresser to use for the year so we don't have to haul any over.

Anyhow!  I had this UI fabric, and thought I'd whip up some potholders for his kitchen!
The backing on them is also gold Vandals fabric :)  I made a pan-sized trivot too, but didn't have enough bias binding to bind it yet.  I'll pick up some more today.  It's the size of two potholders and I probably will just bind it w/o a hanger.  I just used one layer of Insulbright and one layer of warm & natural.  They feel just right in thickness!

Now I have the itch to make myself some new potholders.  I have been doing some reorganizing in my kitchen and it's time for new potholders!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Orange soda applique template winner

And the winner is:

you can leave a comment here and I can respond to your email from there, or you can email me at karinvail AT yahoo DOT com - so I can get your template sent to you! :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm a winner!!!

I'm a winner!  At least that's what Alyssa from told me! hehe :)

I won a copy of the ''Groove'' pattern!

I never win anything, so this is pretty GROOVY indeed! :)