Thursday, August 16, 2012

too hot for me

We've been having around 90* days here in NW Washington.  Us Washingtonians are NOT used to weather like this, especially this fair-skinned red-head!  It's zapping my energy right out!

I did get some blackberries picked, and jelly made the other day - and then found out then next day that it didn't gel :(  So, today I will be back for some fresh pectin to recook it.  I did save one jar and used as a topping on some ice cream last night - YUM!

My oldest son is going back to college this weekend, and he is renting a house with friends this year.  The first two years, he was in the dorm, last year he had an apartment with 2 friends, this year it's a house with 3 friends.  The rent is cheaper, which will be nice!  But, that means he is going to need to bring more things (bed, dresser, desk, etc.).  We got a bed on freecycle (wohoo!), and I think we'll just look on Craigslist in that area for a desk and dresser to use for the year so we don't have to haul any over.

Anyhow!  I had this UI fabric, and thought I'd whip up some potholders for his kitchen!
The backing on them is also gold Vandals fabric :)  I made a pan-sized trivot too, but didn't have enough bias binding to bind it yet.  I'll pick up some more today.  It's the size of two potholders and I probably will just bind it w/o a hanger.  I just used one layer of Insulbright and one layer of warm & natural.  They feel just right in thickness!

Now I have the itch to make myself some new potholders.  I have been doing some reorganizing in my kitchen and it's time for new potholders!


  1. And 90 degrees would be so welcome here. LOL. Great potholders! You may end up making a lot more of those when the word gets out. Ask me how I know. :)

  2. When I have a 'fail' like that one, I use it for pancake syrup.