Friday, November 30, 2012

back from camping/hunting

Well, we're back from our camping/hunting trip, but have no deer to prove it, only pictures.

These pics were of our camp - it was a turnaround at the end of a road in the boonies.  The whole time we were setting up the tent, it was raining.  And about 40* F.  At one point, I was nearly in tears because I was soaked and chilled to the bones.  But, I told myself ''suck it up Karin, there is no crying in deer camp!''.
The first thing to go in the tent after the outdoor carpet was the woodstove.  That was definitely a necessity in this trip.  It got to low 20's a couple nights BRRRR. In this pic, the oven door on the right was open - that oven was wonderful I tell ya!  Baked potatoes in an hour just like at home!  MMM.  And I had leftovers from dinner the night before we left that I was able to heat up in a short time too.  I was sure glad to have the oven!
We even had a bed.....  I made a knock-apart bedframe so we were off the ground a foot - then with the air mattress on top, it was quilt comfy!  Brian didn't like 2 sleeping bags and 2 quilts on top because of the weight, but I am GLAD I had them.  It got COLD at night even with the woodstove going all night.

The first night, we went to bed early.... I think it was 7:30!  Actually, the whole trip we were in bed before 8.  The first night though, we got ready for bed, turned out the lights and seconds after we crawled into bed, the coyotes started hollering all around us!  They were IN our camp!  Talk about creeped out!  Glad we didn't leave any food outside.  After the first night though, they were still around, but not nearly as close to camp as the first night thank goodness!
at the beginning of the road we were on, there was a cool old cattle pen/loading area.  This was sunrise one morning......
Too bad it wasn't bighorn sheep season.  There were a lot of them and they were always real close to the roads.  I bet they don't offer tags for these guys though.......
This buck was safe - he was only a spike........
on the way home, we drove through Leavenworth - it's so beautiful in the winter at night with all the lights!

I did get a few hexie flowers sewn on the trip, but no pics yet (hubby took the camera to work)


  1. So glad you made it home safely! That set up was quite, umm, rustic! Hope you had some fun! This trip should have earned you some points, I think! You always think you're going to get so much sewing time on vacation, don't you?! I'm lucky if I even take mine out of the bag!

  2. We went tent shopping a few weeks ago and I thought of you. DH has been reading everything he can get his hands on. He brought home a deer a few weeks ago, but he didn't have to go very far since he just hunted here on the ranch. Wish you were closer - my freezer is stuffed since he got an elk this year too. I have lots to share!