Tuesday, November 13, 2012

urban 9-patch progress

I had hoped to have this quilt top done this summer, but that didn't happen - I now have all the curved 9-patch blocks done, I just need to add the outer 'urban' part to about half of them to turn them into urban 9-patch blocks :)  Then I can start assembly!  here is my EQ mock-up of the quilt:

Here are the latest blocks I just finished pressing/trimming:
I also recovered my pressing/cutting table and I love love LOVE it! :)  I am so glad I did that!  I always end up cutting into my material on my cutting board (from pattern cutting), then that hole gets bigger and bigger really quick.  My newest scissors don't have a sharp point to poke into the material like the Gingher's, so I think I'll be able to keep this one cut-free for a while (I hope!)

Next week is our camping/hunting trip to Eastern WA - we will call this baby home for a week (or two).
I bought a small woodstove, and made a bedframe for our air mattress, so it should be comfortable inside.  No showers though, and nowhere near for a pay-shower, booo.  I guess it will have to be camp-showers from a bucket with water heated on the woodstove :P
 I am hoping we 'tag-out' early though so we can come home earlier.  But, shhh, don't tell hubby.  He is SOOO excited for this trip and I want to be supportive.  I'm not so thrilled though.  Oh, I love camping - but I've never camped in the snow and I am a bit apprehensive.  We'll see how it goes - and I'll have lots of pics to share I'm sure :)  Hopefully a couple deer pics!!! ::crossing fingers::

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  1. I do love these blocks! I hope you have fun camping and it's not TOO cold and snowy! And, bucket showers - EEEP! Can you tell my idea of camping is in a motor home with cable and a hair dryer - LOLOL! Looking forward to a recap when you get back! o:)