Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm a curvy girl........

I am getting pretty good at these curves.  Lots of practice with this quilt!
I got 11 more blocks finished over the weekend!  Yayyy!  If my math is correct, that means I have only 11 more to do to get to my goal of 49 blocks for a 7x7 layout (an 84x84 quilt)
But, I *might* do a pieced border of the outer curves to finish off the circles, what do you think?  I think this would make it almost a 90x90 quilt.....
I could do a faux piped binding with red as the binding and white as the 'piping' too........

Which layout would you choose?


  1. Oh...#3 looks awesome, but you may be tired of the blocks and if that's the case then #1 looks fantastic! ;o)

  2. Well, they are all great, but I'd probably go with 2 if I had to choose! Love it!

  3. I would take no. 3, but i am sure it will be georgious no matter which you choose.