Thursday, January 3, 2013


yup, call me crazy......  call me insane.......  I've been called worse, LOL.  I've started cutting material for the Scrappy Trips Along.  I've always wanted to do this quilt, and I actually started one with honey bun strips a while back.  That one is like making 4 quilts for the amount of stitching as one quilt though with those teeny tiny strips/squares!

I cut approx 170 of the 2.5''x16''ish strips......  I figure I need about 130ish more to make a full size quilt........

Not sure if I'll dig into my strip scrap bin - or cut strips from my FMF yardage.  I'll probably chicken out and go to the scrap bin, LOL.


  1. Yeah, me too. I JUST joined the Flickr group. Because, I don't already have enough to do - LOLOL! Happy New Year! o:)

  2. It is such a fun quilt and totally worth it!