Friday, January 25, 2013

the doggies

I don't know how anybody couldn't be a 'dog person'!  These guys are such a big part of our lives, so I thought I'd share a few pics of our babies :)

This is Tucker and Tikka.  Tucker is an 11 year old Rottweiler/SharPei mix.  I love his mush-face.  I call him meat-head just as much as I call him Tucker.  We got him when he was a month old because the rest of his litter died and the neighbor was trying to raise him on cream-of-wheat, oye.  He is a strange dog because he wasn't raised by dogs, but we love him lots.
Tikka is a black Lab - and was supposed to be son #1's bird-dog.  Well, son #1 went off to college and had no time for duck hunting, so she's just a much loved pet.  She is spoiled rotten and definitely favors me, hehe :)

Tucker, on the other hand, favors hubby :)

I just love those big thick lips of his and short little muzzle and itty bitty ears :)

And Tikka is quite the hunter even though she didn't get to be a bird dog!  She has gotten *many* rats this summer, along with a squirrel and a rabbit.  She is pretty proud of her hunting abilities, but not thrilled about holding still for pics (can you see the ''get the pic taken already mom!'' look on her face? LOL)

And she totally thinks she's a lap dog, LOL.  This was camping summer before last :)

So, anyhow, just thought I'd share my doggy babies! :)


  1. I too love Tuckers face! I can't imagine ever being without a dog! Thanks for sharing your pix. Toni

  2. They are big babies! Ours are members of the family too. They bring so much joy into our lives. Isn't it funny hoe the big dogs always think they are lap dogs. :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your furry kids with us! I agree - I don't know how anyone couldn't be a dog person either! Our Lilly who is an 18 lb Pekingese thinks she 118 lbs and is scared of nothing. We have mandatory cuddle time where we "make" her sit on our laps - LOL. She still can manage to take up most of the bed though even though she's little o:)