Saturday, February 2, 2013

even MORE curves!

I have finished all but ONE of the UNP (urban 9-patch) blocks!  Yayyyy!  I am working on HST's today, then I will work on the final border blocks and I can assemble!

I know these blocks must seem really monotonous to you - I keep showing pics that seem like they are the same blocks, LOL  I swear they aren't!  Just to spice this post up a bit, I thought I'd show you a pic I found on pinterest:

OOOOOH, AAAAAAH.  Isn't this FUN?!!!  My husband would NEVER let me do this, but wouldn't it be cool???!!!  I am actually in the plan-making stage of doing a facelift on my kitchen (possibly new faces/doors, but definitely new backsplash).  I wish I could do new counters, but that won't happen.  The new doors/faces probably won't happen either (we need a new roof on our house this summer instead!), but one can dream anyhow.  Maybe I'll just paint my cupboards instead........  They are cr@ppy manufactured home cupboards - cheap as cheap can be!  I'd just worry about the paint peeling off of them :P

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  1. Okay....that kitchen is darling!! We are giving ours a face lift this summer....! Great inspiration! Can't wait for your UNP!!