Friday, March 15, 2013

a finish and a baby quilt

I am happy to say that I have a new finish to share -  not today, but I promise soon!
It has to do with this lovely stack of fabrics from Moda :)

I have also started a new baby quilt for a baby in the 'family'.  I say 'family' because the baby is actually my son's best friends baby.  They have been friends since they were 3, so he is like another son to me.

My son Jacob holding the tiny 5#12oz baby boy!  Isn't this such a cute pic?  The big burly redneck holding the teeny baby, hehe :)

So, I have started a pinwheel baby quilt - my favorite baby quilt pattern ever!

I have only duplicated two quilt patterns before that I can recall - one is the log cabin, and second is this pinwheel baby quilt.  I think I've made 3 of them before, so this will be the 4th.  They come together quickly.  I think this one I'll back in minky, mmmmmm......

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  1. Shame on you for teasing us with a finish we can't see! But I suppose you are forgiven since you've shared a sweet baby picture. He looks absolutely tiny in your son's arms. I've made a pinwheel baby quilt before and that is such a great pattern.It'll be super cute in those fabrics you've chosen!