Sunday, March 3, 2013

blast from the past

Well, I have not been very productive lately in the quilt department.......  I had a home repair project that could not wait.  Our tub got a crack in it, and I wanted to have to use the boys' shower as little as possible, so I knew it needed replaced immediately.  Which actually meant more than I had planned.  We decided to put in a walk-in shower instead of a tub/shower - and then we gained space for a built-in cabinet for linen/storage.  But, that also meant moving plumbing (drains AND supply).  Of the many hats I wear, now I can say I am a plumber too, LOL.  Hubby's only contribution was helping me haul the new shower in the house, and crimping the new crimp rings on the supply lines (I wasn't strong enough because of the tennis elbow on my left arm, booo).  He has an excuse though.  He had the flu.  Which he gave to me, UGH.  Luckily the shower was done by the time I came down with it though.  It will definitely be nice to have that storage I've gained from going from tub to shower, but now I need to build a cabinet!  That can wait for a while though......

  Anyhow, I had to tear apart my closet to get to the plumbing in the wall for the new shower, so I went through stuff as I put it back in and came across this quilt top :)

I think I made it 1993 to early 1994-ish.  My second son was born 3-1-94 (same day as Justin Bieber, LOL), so I am sure I made it before then.....  I really should get a better pic - the lines in the plaid all match up, it's really quite striking, I'm surprised I had the patience to do it that way!  I wish the flash hadn't washed out those panels.

I do believe I had intended this quilt to be for my oldest son when he had to give up the toddler bed (so I could use the mattress for the crib again).  I'm thinking at 21 years old, he won't want it now, LOL.  Oh well, it is a nice reminder of the times :)

I even found the pattern book that the pattern came in!  (the pattern book is dated spring '93)

Evidently I adjusted the pattern to suit the panels I got.  I should have measured the quilt top, but it's somewhere around 70-80'' square.  A good size quilt, but not massive.  Small enough I can quilt it on my sewing machine.  It will be next in line after I get my MBS quilt done :)

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