Wednesday, March 6, 2013

orphan block

In my cleaning spree, I came across this orphan dresden plate that I hand pieced for an all-hand-pieced-and-quilted quilt (that is still in the quilting phase).  So, I decided to turn it into a pillow cover, and here is the top all quilted and ready to be joined with a backing :)  I machine appliqued the block onto the background, then machine quilted it.

I just love how the quilting turned out ::VBG::  I used double batting in hopes that the quilting would really stand out and it did make a difference.

I am undecided about the center.  I left the center raw-edge, but I am not sure I like the concentric quilting in the center or if I should keep going on it, or pick it out and try something else......


  1. Very pretty, the hand quilting is amazing .

  2. Great job on the quilting. Did you mark it before machine quilting? Simply lovely.

  3. Wow - it looks great!! The quilting is perfect - I'm going to remember that for my dresdens - particularly what you did on the dresden itself!