Friday, June 28, 2013

23 layers of fugly

I have another dozen blocks done of the 'scrappy trips' quilt top........

I know my hubby is just shaking his head inside watching me make these UGLY blocks! LOL.  I now have 23 of these hideous things made and I sure hope the overall effect will be worth it when I'm done because they make my stomach turn, hehe :)


  1. LOL - I'm laughing at your title, Karin! I'm seriously thinking about starting one of these (I saw one yesterday that was gorgeous), but I'm a little afraid. Maybe I'll wait until yours is done and know that when it all goes together it's glorious! o:)

  2. I have ugly ones too. I think I made 60? ridiculous lol! Haven't been brave enough to sew them all together yet.